During our drive through the Yukon and British Columbia we saw 9 black bear, 2 fox, several herds of Bison, as well as other wildlife.  The scenery is beautiful with lots of rivers, lakes, and bridges

June 2019 we moved from Anchorage Alaska to San Antonio Texas.  We loaded up a container to be shipped down, and loaded the truck with things we would need before the container arrived.  A scrap piece of vinyl flooring from a home store served to protect the load from the elements during the 4,200 mile drive.

WatsoLake is known for its signpost forest

Muncho Lake and the Rockies Mountain Lodge are my favorite place on the trip.  It had been raining on and off and a great rainbow was visible

Sometimes you just need to sit and cuddle.  The dogs did great on the trip, and were well behaved in the truck